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NFPA 1901

BODY, COMPARTMENTS, AND EQUIPMENT MOUNTING The contractor shall deliver with the fire apparatus a certification that all materials used for exterior surfaces designated as stepping, standing, and walking areas, all interior steps, and all interior floors meet the requirements of 15.7.4. Where the fuel fill is located at or near a stepping surface, the surface shall be constructed of an open grate–type material to facilitate draining of accidentally spilled fuel to lessen any slipping hazard.

15.7.5 A sign shall be located on the vehicle at the rear step areas and at any cross walkways to warn personnel that riding in or on these areas while the vehicle is in motion is prohibited.

15.8 Access Handrails or Handholds.

15.8.1 Access handrails or handholds shall be provided at each entrance to a driving or crew compartment and at each position where steps or ladders for climbing are located.

15.8.2 Exterior access handrails shall be constructed of or covered with a slip-resistant, noncorrosive material.

15.8.3 Exterior access handrails shall be between 1 in. and 15/8 in. (25 mm and 42 mm) in diameter and have a minimum clearance between the handrails and any surface of at least 2 in. (50 mm).

15.8.4* All exterior access handrails shall be designed and mounted to reduce the possibility of hand slippage and to avoid snagging of hose, equipment, or clothing.

15.8.5 Handrails and handholds shall be constructed so that three points of contact (two hands and one foot, or one hand and two feet) can be maintained at all times while ascending and descending.

15.8.6* Access handrails supplied by the chassis manufacturer on a commercial chassis shall be permitted to be used to meet the requirements of this section.

15.9 Metal Finish.

15.9.1 Where dissimilar metals that pose a galvanic corrosion or reactive threat are to be mounted together, the mounting base material shall have an isolation barrier prior to assembly to prevent dissimilar metal reaction.

15.9.2* Painting.* All exposed ferrous metal surfaces that are not plated or stainless steel shall be cleaned and prepared and shall be painted or coated. The paint or coating, including any primer, shall be applied in accordance with the paint or coating manufacturer’s recommendation.

15.9.3* Reflective Striping.* A retroreflective stripe(s) shall be affixed to at least 50 percent of the cab and body length on each side, excluding the pump panel areas, and at least 25 percent of the width of the front of the apparatus. The stripe or combination of stripes shall be a minimum of 4 in. (100 mm) in total width. The 4 in. (100 mm) wide stripe or combination of stripes shall be permitted to be interrupted by objects (i.e., receptacles, cracks between slats in roll up doors) provided the full stripe is seen as conspicuous when approaching the apparatus. A graphic design shall be permitted to replace all or part of the required striping material if the design or combination thereof covers at least the same perimeter length(s) required by At least 50 percent of the rear-facing vertical surfaces, visible from the rear of the apparatus, excluding any pump panel areas not covered by a door, shall be equipped with retroreflective striping in a chevron pattern sloping downward and away from the centerline of the vehicle at an angle of 45 degrees. Each stripe in the chevron shall be a single color alternating between red and either yellow, fluorescent yellow, or fluorescent yellow-green. Each stripe shall be 6 in. (150 mm) in width. All retroreflective materials required by and shall conform to the requirements of ASTM D 4956, Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control, Section 6.1.1 for Type I Sheeting. All retroreflective materials used to satisfy the requirements of that are colors not listed inASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1, shall have a minimum coefficient of retroreflection of 10 with observation angle of 0.2 degrees and entrance angle of -4 degrees. Fluorescent yellow and fluorescent yellow-green retroreflective materials used to meet the requirements of shall conform to the minimum requirements specified for yellow Type I Sheeting in ASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1. Any printed or processed retroreflective film construction used to meet the requirements of and shall conform to the standards required of an integral colored film as specified in ASTM D 4956, Section 6.1.1.

15.10* Hose Storage. If a hose storage area(s) is provided, it shall comply with this section.

15.10.1* The hose storage area(s) shall be reinforced at the corners.

15.10.2 The bottom shall be made of removable sections fabricated from noncorrosive materials.

15.10.3* The bottom shall be constructed to prevent the accumulation of water and allow ventilation to aid in drying hose.

15.10.4 The interior shall be smooth and free from all projections, such as nuts, sharp angles, or brackets, that might cause damage to the hose.

15.10.5 The interior of a hose storage area shall not be required to meet the slip resistance requirements given in 15.7.4.

15.10.6 Reels, handrails, ladders, and equipment holders shall be placed so as not to obstruct the laying or removal of hose from the storage area.

15.10.7* Any hose storage area shall be equipped with a positive means to prevent unintentional deployment of the hose from the top, sides, front, and rear of the hose storage area while the apparatus is underway in normal operations.

15.11 Requirements for Mounting of Ground Ladders.

15.11.1 Ground ladders shall be mounted and protected to prevent movement, abrasion, or other damage to the ground ladder while they are on the fire apparatus. [1932:4.1.2]

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